As schools are registering students, and families are making decisions to provide alternative instruction, the Department of Education reminds public school districts of the requirements of SDCL 13-27-7 Notification of Alternative Instruction.

  • Parents and guardians must file an initial alternative instruction notification for their student(s) when they decide to start that program. 
  • Additional notifications are not required unless a transition occurs, as defined by the statute. 
  • Parents and guardians are encouraged to submit their notifications through the state’s online notification system. However, a paper copy of the notification may also be submitted to either the department or the school district.  
    • Individuals submitting paper notifications must utilize the form provided by DOE.
    • If a paper copy is submitted to the district, the district is responsible for supplying the parent/guardian with a signed copy and also forwarding a signed copy to DOE.
  • Access to the online notification system, paper form, and an Alternative Instruction FAQ is available on our website.